"Legal Project Management" Trainings

What is “Legal Project Management”?

LPM is a training course showing how to execute professional legal services by using project management tools and techniques. In sequence, LPM is an approach to all legal processes from a project manager's perspective. An LPM certified lawyer earns the skills to run any business project or problem as a project manager, as well as to execute all legal procedures sequentially and operationally. IILPM is offering courses on different levels to lawyers of 45 countries via 14 international training centers. IILPM's accredited training centers are operating in countries such as Australia, USA, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Russia, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. As the first accredited company in the region, Tarafdash Consulting has the right to provide courses not only in Azerbaijan, but also in Turkey and Georgia.


LPM Modules

  • Project Management tools and techniques
  • Legal regulation skills for usage of technological innovations (such as artificial intelligence, software engineering, etc.)
  • Development of legal procedures and effective sequence of project activities
  • Leadership and code of conduct


LPM certification degrees

  • Legal Project Associate
  • Legal Project Practitioner
  • Legal Process Improvement Professional
  • Diploma of Project Management

Training materials used in LPM

Training materials are generally prepared and approved by the Global Advisory Council of IILPM. However, the local legislation of the trainees are also considered. The materials are prepared by the lawyers of internationally accredited law companies. In addition, the following sources are also referred during the trainings:

  • Innovations in Legal Project Management, Aileen Leventon
  • The Lawyer’s Guide to Legal Project Management, Edward Boves
  • Implementing Legal Project Management: The Legal Professional’s Guide to Success
  • Legal Project Management Field Guide: Five Tools for Busy Professionals

Duration of the LPM trainings

The duration of the trainings depends on the legal knowledge and applied certification degree of the trainee. Generally, the duration is 3-7 days for basic trainings and 2-4 weeks for advanced trainings.

LPM trainings language

Although the LPM trainings are globally provided in english, Tarafdash Consulting delivers the main part of the trainings in azerbaijani. In addition, LPM trainees must pass the relevant exam to earn an international certification.